Clear Solutions for Energy and the environment

Organic wastes such as live stock excreta and food residue pose a serious environmental risk in terms of air and groundwater pollution. Cornes Biogas plants provide a proven solution to this problem by converting these materials into heat and electrical energy and leaving behind safe, environmentally friendly fertilizer.
Cornes biogas built the first farm scale biogas plant in Japan in 2000 and has led the industry ever since. Today Cornes Biogas is Japan's no.1 supplier of farm scale biogas plants and plans, builds, manages and maintains plants throughout Japan.
Cornes continues to push the boundaries of technology in this field and is currently working on the commercial distribution of biogas as fuel.

Clear Solutions for Energy and the environment

The town of Shikaoi is located in the northwestern part of Tokachi Plains, Hokkaido. This area is well known as a farming region involved mainly in crop and dairy farm production. The town of Shikaoi launched the biogas plant project in 1998 with the necessity of solving the odor problem due to processing cow manure.

The Shikaoi municipal biogas plant produces around 1.4 million cubic meters of biogas per year and generates 1460 MW electricity per year. This corresponds to the amount of electricity consumed about 460 four-person households.

The Shikaoi municipal biogas plant was built by Cornes in 2007 and since then, it has been the largest agricultural biogas plant in Japan. The plant centrally processes cow manure collected from dairy farms around Shikaoi district and produces electricity for sale to the grid, as well as fertilizer for the surrounding farmlands.

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